About Our Dealership

Lifestyle Golf Carts owner, Robert Wallach — a proud retired military member — has been in the golf cart business for over a decade. Formally, he was the business creator and mastermind of a highly successful custom golf cart company based out of a large suburb of Dallas, Texas. Robert has taken his visions of golf cart communities from his experiences in other states and is excited to bring them to life in the ever-growing city of Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. The vision is to bring families and communities together by incorporating golf carts for everyday use — creating a ‘Lifestyle’ that encourages people to have fun together and that can take us out of the isolation slump most of us have been thrust into!

Golf carts go way beyond the course. The technology and design have improved significantly to provide a modernized approach to how they can be used. Whether it is used to drive around your neighborhood, bring the kids to the bus stop or pool, or even take that same cart onto the course- we’ve got you! Lifestyle Golf Carts is here to provide you with quality golf carts, parts, services, and customizations that you can trust.  Just check out what people are saying about us!

Have questions? Contact us via text by clicking the blue icon at the bottom of the page, call us, stop in or fill out the contact form and someone will reach out to you. We look forward to helping you find the perfect cart to fit your needs!